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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marriage Classes

Being in the wedding industry we see couples get married day in and day out. The wedding day is wonderful and couples are so in love. What would be most full filling is that they stay in love for years to come! We believe in love but we also believe a relationship takes work and is a counscious effort that needs to be worked on every day.

Usually, when you marry by church they require classes but if you marry else where you are not. I would encourage that all couples not only take classes or workshops prior to their marriage but every year if possible. In this crazy life and a million distractions, we tend to take the things or people who mean most to us for granted. My greatest pleasure, would be for all that get married to be together not only forever but HAPPILY forever.

Eddie Rodriguez a very well known Reverend in the South Florida community offers workshops for couples. Below is an email I recieved about one of the workshops he offers:

"Conscious Relationships
Living and loving consciously
You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be in a relationship that is healthy,
happy and exciting. You and your partner can create a relationship that will bring
you all that you desire.
Do you realize we always get what we are committed to?
Our focus and attention is what calls forth what we experience and how we
experience it. A relationship that is based on genuine love, mutual support, and integrity is something we all strive for.
We all long to be held in the arms of our beloved and being loved just as we
are. Too many of us experience relationships as being difficult and challenging.
I believe that given the right tools and concepts we can enter into
relationships that will serve our highest thought about who we can become in relationship with another.
It is possible to love and be loved without pain and drama.
It is possible to create a life-long partnership with our partner in a way that
will satisfy all of our desires and needs.
Do you know what the real purpose of relationships are?
Do you understand what is meant by a conscious relationship?
Do you experience love or fear being in relationship?
Do you sabotage your relationship?
Do you allow resistance to keep you from being happy?
Find the answers to these questions and much more.
Our purpose in giving these classes is not to reach perfection but to become
conscious, aware of who we are and what we are doing with our lives, to love consciously and deliberately.
Eddie Rodriguez will lead a group of couples through a wonderful journey of
conscious creation. Explore concepts and learn tools to empower you and your partner. Get "unstuck" and move through issues that keep you from enjoying the peace that a conscious relationship can bring. You will be given an opportunity to look at Love, Sex, Money and Beliefs and how to blend these with your partner. Work with your partner to create a loving, harmonious relationship that will bring you unlimited joy, peace and understanding. This fun four hour class will consist of lectures, meditations, individual and group exercises. This class is perfect for those who are about to marry and for those who are married. Relationships are constantly growing and changing, attending this class will provide you with renewed commitment and enthusiasm. Allow yourselves to be inspired as you head out on your greatest adventure."

For more information visit his website or send him an email:

Wishing all engaged or married couples a love that will last forever!!

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