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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ethan & Carolina

My first Jewish wedding...can you believe it??? I loved the horah!!! It looked so much fun but of course you woudn't get me on that chair, otherwise you would be seeing me on a future show of America's funniest home videos. :0)

I can honestly say the planning of this wedding was quite interesting. (Carolina & Ethan.. you know what I mean ;0) At the end of the day what matters to me most is that the bride & groom are happy. From what I hear, they were..... so that makes me happy!

Everything turned out so pretty. Olga & I loved the colors Carolina chose for her flowers, especially her bouquet! Ethan looked so happy to see his bride and Carolina to see her groom!

My favorite part of the night was???? The horah of course.

Carolina & Ethan, Many blessings to a wonderful marriage! Olga & I had a great time seeing you two so happy!

Enjoy these beautiful pictures taken by Jamie from http://www.mayflyphotography.com/ Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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