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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Incense and Candles, Laughter and Dance!

Those words all describe my wonderful Arabian themed Bridal Shower! Honestly, I can't believe the day already came & went... it was a wonderful night, which I shared with the people whom are most important in my life! (some of which could not make it but were definitely there in spirit) I chose an Arabian theme because I wanted to be technically correct when incorporating Moroccan traditions, Indian traditions and Pakistani traditions. My mom's boyfriend is from Pakistan and he is such a huge part of our family and my life! He is such a wonderful person and I am sooo thankful GOD brought them together.

I really tried to be as authentic as possible but of course with some modern twists! I worked very hard on every single detail and really hope my guests enjoyed my shower! For favors I wanted to give something nice but useful. I ordered lacquer incense holders and incense from India. The favor tags were custom made and each guest had one personalized with their first name. In order to help my guests learn the culture, I made each table name with a different tradition. I put a picture and a meaning, so they not only could see but also understand what everything meant. We had typical Indian food, which was SUPER yummy! I also had traditional mehndi which is usually done on an Indian bride the night before her wedding. That was a hit! Everyone enjoyed getting the beautiful intricate design on their hands and feet. My dress was a Sari, which I had custom made to fit my style! The games we played, were also done to incorporate the culture. We did belly dancing and an Indian wedding dress design contest. The belly dancing game was my favorite! Instead of having people volunteer to play games, I closed my eyes and chose people from my seating chart. This definitely made things more interesting. I wasn't to sure about getting the Hookah, since most my family and friends don't smoke. I was very glad I did! This was another fun and interactive thing my guests enjoyed and so did I!
Last but not least, I had a very special Belly Dancer perform, Casandra. Marc’s niece! She has been taking classes for a few years & it definitely showed. She was amazing! Thank you so much sweetie for taking the time to choreograph this dance. You did an amazing job!!!

At the end of the evening my super handsome fiancé, showed up wearing a gold Salwar Kurta. He definitely looked like a Prince!!!

I am so happy with the way everything turned out! My cake was fantabulous!!! Rosie from http://www.eleganttemptations.com/ custom designed the cake, inspired from my invitation. It not only looked beautiful but also tasted super yummy!!! THANKS ROSIE! I love the way my make up and hair looked, thanks to Lisa Lee from http://www.alluringfaces.com/ I felt very beautiful! THANKS LISA! Of course, the night could not have been remembered so vividly without the talented Loly from http://www.lolypix.com/ taking so many pictures. THANKS LOLY!!!

Thank you to my family and friends, that help set up the morning of my shower! A VERY special Thank you to my mom for helping me put this all together and running around with me any chance we got!!! (you to Feroz :0 ) !

I can't believe my wedding is around the corner..... IT STILL HAS NOT HIT ME THAT IT'S MY TURN! Hopefully it won't hit me when the church door's open because who knows what will happen... to be cont...... STAY TUNNED!


LLove said...

Melissa, I know I told you before, but you really looked beautiful!!! All the details were amazing, but I didnt expect anything less from you. Can't wait to see how beautiful you look on your wedding day!

Simply Captivating said...

ohhh my goodness.
First of all what out of this world details... I can't wait till your wedding!!!
I know you have such a talent for being creative but I am still amazed every time by your creativity.
Lolypix did a great job with your photos. I wish I wold have gone.
OMG again Out of this world. Over the top really!!!!