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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Wedding Hairstyles: Red Carpet Inspired

We can all agree summer is possibly the best season of the year, there’s something about heat that just puts us all in a festive mood. Well us at least! No wonder people still want to get married this time of the year and brave the unpredictable weather, blistering heat, and test their setting spray to it’s limits, because when the weather holds up it’s truly a thing of beauty. If only it was acceptable to start the day off with our hair a mess and makeup down our face a la 1 am style. Whether you’re a spouse-to-be, bridesmaid, Pinterest-addicted aspiring bride or wedding crasher this season here are some celeb inspired beauty looks. While their bikini bodies might unrealistic to acquire, at best, their fashion and beauty looks are a bit easier to mirror.

For a twist on a classic top knot add a sparkly broach to a loose and textured top knot. The contrast produces a more effortless and spontaneous feel

A ponytail is the simplest way to style the hair, making this flawless for a no-fuss bride who still wants to look chic and polished

This combination of a braid in front and twists in the back make for an intentionally unkempt style that feels more casual

This has a retro'40s style, but with a modern 'twist, literally! The side twists, low bun and backwards headband create an angelic effect

                                                                 xo EOAB

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